Restoration Index

My Land Rover's "Restoration History" section has grown
to over 20 pages.

In order to make this section of my homepage more user friendly,
I've decided to add a table of contents.

You can read the whole restoration section by using
the "Next Page" link or use the quick links provided below.

Enjoy ;-)



1. Removing the body & Installing 3.54 Diff's

2. Front Axle Repairs & Steering

3. Transmission & Galvanized Bulkhead

4. Sanding to Bare Metal

5. Bleeding Clutch & Wiring Hazard Warning Light Switch

6. Bosch Alternator Conversion

7. Prep For & Painting

8. Viscous Coupling Fan & Mudflaps

9. Beefing Up The Steering Rod's

10. Installing Seatbelts

11. Installing Electric Fan With Diagram

12. Electronic Ignition Conversion

13. Replacing Springs & Shocks

14. Designing, Building And Installing the Roll Cage



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